These Videos Prove That ‘Humane Meat’ Is a Myth

Somehow, every omnivore out there manages to buy and eat only “humane” meat from small, local farms where animals dance through rolling pastures—or at least that’s the story they immediately spin upon learning that you’re vegan. In reality, the overwhelming majority of animal-derived foods—including meat, eggs, milk, and cheese—come from concentrated animal-feeding operations (aka “factory farms”), where huge numbers of animals are packed in as tightly as possible to maximize output and profit.

these humane meat videos prove labels are a lie

Humanely derived meat is a myth. Labels that sound appealing, such as “cage-free,” “free-range,” “free-roaming,” “organic,” and “natural” are simply an attempt by brands to attract a customer base that’s increasingly aware of—and horrified by—the way animals used for food are treated behind the scenes.

These shocking eyewitness videos show how animals really live on farms, no matter what labels claim:

1. These goats were beaten for “organic” milk.

2. These chickens were raised in a manner described as “high welfare.”

3. This is how pigs were treated on a farm that supplied “humanely raised pork” to Whole Foods.

4. Chickens who lived like this were used for eggs sold under a “free-range” label.

5. Daisy Sour Cream claimed that its products came from “the best cared-for cows on the planet.” Here’s what we saw on a farm that supplied milk to the company.

6. Eggs from this “free-range” chicken farm were “certified humane.”

7. A farm that raises “heritage” turkeys called these birds “happy.”

Animals raised on organic or free-range farms are typically transported to the same terrifying slaughterhouses used by factory farms. Many animals are scalded to death or dismembered while they’re still conscious.

It’s not just farming practices that need to change—personal eating habits do, too. Remember: The only truly humane option is choosing healthy, delicious, and readily available vegan foods instead of animal-derived ones. And if you need help, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got all the tips and tools you’ll need to go—and stay—vegan. Check out these free resources:

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